River Gipping Restoration

Often Referred to as the Ipswich to Stowmarket Navigation Restoration
The River Gipping Trust is restoring the towpath and working to restore limited navigation along the river. Canalised in 1793, between Ipswich and Stowmarket in Suffolk, it is 16 miles long with 15 locks. It was John Rennie’s first canal project. Some of the locks and bridges are likely the oldest remaining Rennie designed structures in the world.
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Some of our volunteers work over the past year

Volunteers have been busy over the last 12 months, with official bridge opening, restoring Pipps Ford Lock, clearing fallen trees laying across the river and helping to maintain the footpath alongside the river.

The Trust’s Restoration Work of the Ipswich to Stowmarket Navigation.

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Past Restoration Work 

Over the years the Trust has done much restoration work

Current Work 

Much work planned this year, click to see list of work completed and planned 

Future Restoration  Work

Details of the Trust’s Footpath and River Restoration plans

With Restoration comes, Well-Being, Biodiversity and Heritage 

 The Trusts 104 page history book can be purchased on line and locally
The Trust aim to Restore navigation and the towpath to aid well-being, increase biodiversitypreserve its heritage and improve Leisure activities.
The river is rich in History. Romans, Vikings, John Rennie, Gun Cotton, Fertiliser, Lawnmowers & more. Restoration will help tell the story of the rivers historical past
Restoration will return the river to public view. Grater access and use will greatly enhance appreciation of this waterway as part of our local heritage. The opportunity to make improvements along the course of the River Gipping will enhance biodiversity and provide a beautiful and natural place to take exercise and enjoy leisure pursuits. At present the river in parts is sadly neglected, structures, some listed, are becoming derelict. However in other parts of the country, waterway restoration is cherished and valued as environmental amenity which provide positive leisure experiences.
The River Gipping Trust is committed to bringing restoration to fruition.

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