Our Current Restoration Work

Our work for 2023 is as follows;-
  • Open the new footbridge and permissive path at Baylham  Now Open more here 
  • Restore nearly 1km of the towpath at Claydon, unused for around 15 years Now Open more here
  • Complete our Restoration work of Pipps Ford Lock Now Complete more here
  • Extend our footpath clearance work between Needham Lock and Bramford Now Open  more here
  • Install New / broken stop planks at Baylham, Pipps Ford, Bosmere and Blakenham Locks
  • Re-route and raise the footpath at Pipps Ford Old Ford (just upstream of the lock)  Now Complete
  • Repair the footbridge over Bosmere Lock now complete 
  • Provide a secure watertight storage facility for our powered equipment
  • Assist Suffolk Council to repair the closed footbridge at Creeting More here 
  • Continue clearing the river of reeds, trees and vegetation which restrict the river flow more here 
  • Expand our Himalayan Balsam plant clearance work more here
  • Continue our ongoing planning of navigational restoration more here 
  • Plant another 300 trees along the river, making over 1,300 planted in total over four years.
  • Work with Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust (ESRT) on a ‘Preventing Plastic Pollution Project’ more here 
  • Work with the National Highways Agency to investigate Claydon Lock remains more here
Further details on each of the above projects can be read in the Trust’s Autumn 2023 Restoration News-sheet, sent to all Trust members. If you would like an electronic copy or are interested in helping out with some of the work planned, please email The Trusts Restoration Manager, Ian Petchey

The aim is to bring the Ipswich to Stowmarket Navigation and towpath back to life for the enjoyment of the wider community, providing enormous recreational, leisure and educational benefits, which along with associated environmental protection and enhancement will make this ambitious but achievable scheme a long-lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy.