Baylham Lock Restoration


Restoration is the key to enhanced biodiversity, improved well-being and an enriched Heritage. Without restoration it is difficult to see how all key elements can be bought to fruition.

Overview of the Trust’s Future Restoration Plans 

Research shows that being by water is good for you

If the water channel becomes choked with vegetation, the habitat quality quickly deteriorates, which isn’t good for the wildlife that lives along the canal or local people who like to stroll along the towpath. "Keeping the channel clear and allowing light to penetrate helps native and rare plants to flourish creating healthy habitats for fish, insects and small mammals.

Research shows that being by water is good for you, so having the canal teeming with life will help to make us all feel happier and healthier."

The Government recognise the very considerable benefits our canal network brings in myriad ways, such as providing greater access to the outdoors, enhancing wellbeing, bringing us closer to water, engaging with nature—those water plantains—increasing leisure and recreation, increasing regeneration and bringing value to the economy."

The Governments View on the restoration of canals

In June 2020 Parliament discussed the restoration of canals. Some points are copied below. The full debate can be read here

The restoration of our disused canals is proving very valuable, enabling an increasing number of people to enjoy the outdoors and get close to water. Being close to water and being outside has much value for health and wellbeing. The Canal and River Trust did a survey recently, and it discovered that life satisfaction and happiness is 10% higher if you live near water, so we can see the benefits of restoring canals.

The Canal and River Trust, along with other smaller navigation authorities, is reporting increasing numbers of visitors along their canals. Those visitors are both walking and cycling—it not just about being on the water, but using the towpaths, as we have heard—as well as boaters using the waterways. During this pandemic, canal towpaths have reportedly been used even more, as people get out for their daily exercise. Not only do canals bring a great health benefit; they can also make a really important contribution to the economy locally,