Pipps Ford Mathematical Bridge and Bywash

At Pipps Ford a new by-wash has been created as the old one had completely disappeared. The by-wash is the channel which allows excess water to flow around a lock. The by-wash is around 200 feet long and 10 feet deep with profiled sides. Whilst digging the by-wash Trust volunteers uncovered the 230 year old brick remains of the original weir, the bricks were all cleaned up and restored and form part of the current weir.

A new footbridge over the by-wash has also been built, following the design of the famous mathematical bridge in Cambridge. The bridge oak was felled and prepared at White House Farm, Great Glemham. Work was completed in 2019 and water is now flowing around the lock through the by-wash. Restoration work on the lock itself still remains before lock gates can be installed

Some Bywash slide photos

Many Gabion cages were used to wall the sides of the bywash around the footbridge and weir