Restoring Navigation between Baylham and Needham Market 

The Trust are working on the Navigational Restoration of the river between Baylham and Needham Market. Having completed the tow path and footbridge restoration work at Baylham, an essential part of navigational restoration, the next step was to ascertain the biodiversity enhancements that could be achieved through restoring navigation through a very detailed Ecological Scoping Study by MossNaylorYoung who specialise in working on waterway recovery projects and the regeneration of waterways.

The Scoping Study confirms biodiversity can be be improved with the introduction of navigation, with the next step towards restoration being to complete the lock restoration work at Pipps Ford, planned for August 2023.

The Trust have already had two pre-feasibility studies carried out, both confirming restoration between Baylham and Needham Market is possible, with lock gates at Pipps Ford and Creeting. A full feasibility study will be needed before a grant application for full funding can be made. 

With the establishment that the Ipswich to Stowmarket navigation was John Rennie’s first ever completed canal project (1793), and that the locks and remaining bridges down from Bosmere (some of which are Grade II listed) are his oldest remaining lock and bridge designs still standing, the Trust is more confident that an application to the National Heritage Lottery Fund will be considered.

Key Steps towards Navigational Restoration

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