Baylham Mill

Sluice Gate Restoration 

In 2013 the Onians Trust asked the Trust to restore the sluice structure next to Baylham Mill. These sluice gates were originally used by the miller to control the flow of water in three different directions – through the lock, down the old river course or through the mill to drive the mill stones. We used green oak from Glemham which was felled, cut and formed on the farm and then transported to Baylham. The old timbers were removed and then the new installed.

The original winding gear was found in the mud below the old gates and cleaned them up, painted and replaced onto the new timbers. Although 200 years old they are as good now as the day they were made.

Making the Sluice Gates

Detail Construction Work

Original 1792 Winding Gear

Completed Sluice Gates, prior to final installation