John Rennie’s First Ever Canal Project

In 2021 the Trust were contacted by the Institution of Civil Engineers. They wanted to celebrate the 200 year passing of John Rennie in October 2021 and asked us to contribute towards this.  The article can be read here

John Rennie’s work on canals, aqueducts, bridges and dockyards mark him as one of the greatest engineers of his age. Even today, 200 years after his death, one cannot travel far in the United Kingdom without encountering something that was of his design or construction, or on which he was consulted for his advice. Rennie’s greatest monuments are his projects, many surviving still. The Ipswich to Stowmarket Navigation was his first ever canal project. The Trusts new history book ‘The Ipswich to Stowmarket Navigation - John Rennie’s First Canal Project’ has now been published. More here 

The complete ‘Life and Works of John Rennie’ can be read here
Below is a copy of the Gipping page of the book