River Gipping Fish Survey

The River Gipping was surveyed by the Environment Agency at five sites between April to June 2019. Sproughton, Bramford, Claydon Needham Market and Stowmarket 

  • 14 species, incl roach, chub, dace, pike, eel, bream, tench, gudgeon, Rudd. 
  • 2004 fish caught. Chub, eel, gudgeon, pike roach and stone loach most widespread recorded at all 5 sites. 
  • Roach most numerous 
  • Largest fish, a 500mm chub at 1.59kg at Claydon
  • A 690mm pike at Needham market
  • A 330mm perch at Needham market
  • A 270mm roach at Claydon


  • 574 fish incl 376 roach
  • Density of fish around half that 3 years earlier but More than the average taken over last 10 years.


  • 474 fish incl 278 roach 153 perch
  • Density slightly up on 3 years ago.


  • 118 fish incl 111 roach
  • Density a quarter of that 3 years earlier, just a little less than 10 year average

Needham Market

  • 440 fish incl 316 roach and 72 chub
  • Slightly more than 3 years ago. Slightly more than 10 year average


  • 236 fish incl 111 roach and 61 chub 
  • slightly down on 3 years ago slightly below 10 year average
The Environment Agency reported that overall fish numbers had fallen since previous 2016 survey but remain at good historical levels. Density decline attributed to very dry weather in July 2018. Next survey spring 2022. Back to Fishing the Gipping page

Full EA report here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l...