Desilting the River and Weed Clearance

Much of the river is overrun with vegetation and river levels are shallow. A 2020 survey by the IWA reported depths of just 200mm. Shallow water promotes vegetation growth and unsustainable fish quantities.

With permission from the Environment Agency and the riparian (riverside) landowners the Trust will de-silt problematic areas, removing excess vegetation and increasing river depth. Only vegetation sand and silt will be removed and only from the centre of the channel, up to around 60% of the river width. This will be achieved using a long-reach digger from the bank.

The Trust have an EA permit  approved to de-silt around 1km of the river upstream of Baylham, but with a condition that all excavated silt is inspected by archaeologists (because it is adjacent to an Roman settlement), at the Trusts expense. The Trust are seeking quotes from archaeologists to do this work.

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