Ecological Scoping Study

An ecological scoping study has been being carried out for the Trust by MossNaylorYoung, a specialist inland waterways advisory heritage restoration company. The study details a list of possible biodiversity enhancements with the introduction of navigation between Baylham and Bosmere. 

They advise that;-

  • Maintaining an open channel for navigation has a high Positive impact. 
  • Clearing silted up sections will improve flow and benefit fish etc. 
  • Installing Lock gates will allow fish migration through the lock whereas currently this is not possible with stop planks.
  • The Control of Himalayan Balsam is a positive but needs to be maintained and advise that if they are pulled up or cut below the first branch node they will not regrow. 
Moss Naylor Youngs have recommended that the next step the Trust need to make towards navigational restoration is the completion of Pipps Ford Lock, which they Trust aim to complete this August. 

The Canal and River Trust state that:

“By creating deeper, clearer freshwater channels, plants can flourish and create healthy habitats for fish, insects and small mammals. Biodiversity is greatly improved, and the deeper channels actually inhibit the growth of weeds in the main channel resulting in better water flows throughout the canal.”

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