Fishing along the Gipping

The Trust supports fishing along the river and believe that if the river were to have less vegetation and an increased water depth larger and healthier fish would be supported. Our observations indicate that in many shallow areas of the river larger fish are unable to survive the summer months. The Canal and River Trust state that: "By creating deeper, clearer freshwater channels, plants can flourish and create healthy habitats for fish, insects and small mammals. Biodiversity is greatly improved, and the deeper channels actually inhibit the growth of weeds in the main channel resulting in better water flows throughout the canal.”

Improving fish stocks along the river is a paramount objective of the Trust’s aims. Sometimes there can be a misconception between boaters and anglers that each have different needs, but there is much common ground between the two. Maybe Walkers, paddlers and anglers have much more in common than we think:

  • we all want to save the Gipping. 
  • all want to see river improvements, 
  • better water quality, 
  • better summer water depth, 
  • removal of silt in some areas, 
  • improved biodiversity, 
  • better less overgrown footpaths with river and water (not vegetation) views, 
  • more fish, 
  • more aquatic wildlife.
The end game is the same. If we all work together we can achieve much more.  
A synopsis of the Environment Agency 2019 Fish survey report on the river Gipping can be read here. 

A good Facebook group that has active members that fish the Gipping is ‘Suffolk Fishing’ here